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Client Testimonials

What people are saying about Feng Shui for Life.

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Nicola Bevan. Chester, United Kingdom

Just caught up on the decluttering session and I'm going to make a start right now! Thank you Preeti for your inspiration! Also added a few cures after listening to the session on attracting wealth and got a lottery win! I love feng shui and Preeti adds so much value and meaning to all aspects

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Steph Wit

I had some phone consultation with Preeti and she was really amazing. She is very very efficient, easy to understand, very direct to the answer and straight to the point with all questions. After seeing a few pictures, she straight away explained to relocated the things and important dos and don’ts based on my current house situation. I am really very impressed and really appreciate with her consultation its really worth investing.

Thank you

Preeti Sodhi Sharma

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Osman Ismail. Calgary, Canada

Hi Preeti Sodhi Sharma

Want to thank you for the wonderful sessions on Feng shui and hosting the group Feng Shui for Life. You have been able to simplify life and help people find positive energy to deal with the unprecedented times we live in. In addition I found your session on karma very helpful to become a lot more aware of my actions, and to become abetter person. I want to thank you for the good work you are doing to help people deal with different challenges and wish you good health and happiness.


Roxanne L. Nacapuy. Hawaii

Over the past few weeks, my husband and I have been on this Feng Shui journey with

Preeti Sodhi Sharma.

We love being a part of this Feng Shui for Life group. We’re grateful for Preeti’s quick response whenever we had a question. Preeti’s sessions on Attracting Money, Wealth and Opportunities, along with Money, Money, Money have been very informative.

Because my husband and I are on this journey together, it fills our home with so many positive energy. If you watch the sessions over and over, you always learn something you might have missed the first time. We listen to the session at home and while riding in the car.

We still have a lot to learn and look forward to tomorrow and future sessions with Preeti. Namaste

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Client Testimonials: Testimonials

Julina Kripa Cuka. Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

I love being in this Feng Shui journey, and participating in all the session given by

Preeti Sodhi Sharma

. These sessions are so insightful and personalized for your own home! Preeti teaches so much about specific objects in each room, placements, and meanings. I learned so much during my session and I am implementing her tips for lasting change! When you show the rooms in your house, Preeti knows about any experiences or issues you may be having simply from the placement of furniture, colors in the room, etc., and teaches you the correct way of setting up your rooms. I highly recommend a feng shui session with her!

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